Hoco Wireless Headset Scout Tws with Charging Case


Sale price10.390 BHD


The Hoco Wireless Headset Scout Tws with Charging Case appears to be a budget-friendly option for true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds with a charging case. Here's a breakdown of what you might find based on available information and things to consider before you buy:


  • True Wireless Design: Wire-free earbuds that connect to your device via Bluetooth for music and calls.
  • Charging Case: Stores and charges the earbuds when not in use.
  • In-Ear Design (Likely): Earbuds likely sit directly in your ear canal for a more isolated listening experience (passive noise isolation).
  • Built-in Microphone (Likely): Allows for hands-free calling.
  • Touch Controls (Possible): May have touch controls on the earbuds for music playback, call answering, and volume control.
  • Bluetooth 5.1 (Possible): This Bluetooth version offers a more stable connection and potentially lower battery consumption.
  • 30mAh Battery Capacity per Earbud (Possible): This indicates a shorter playtime on a single charge compared to some other options.
  • 4 Hours Talk/Music Time (Possible): Battery life for calls or music playback might be around 4 hours on a single charge, with additional charges from the case.

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