Honeywell 4 Socket 1 Nano 2 Mtr Power Cord Black

SKU: 1001231

Sale price14.900 BHD


Honeywell 4 Out with 2 USB Surge Protector with Master switch-Value Series has been designed for home and office use. This device allows you to connect 4 different devices with 2 USB simultaneously to one single power source. The product also acts as a surge protector thus preventing damage to the connected equipment during voltage fluctuations. It allows you to connect any electronic equipment like TV's/ Laptops/ PC's/ Audio systems etc with 6 Amps 2 pin or 3 pin universal plugs. The device is combined with a main power switch and power cord. The 2M power cord further adds to the convenience aspect as it makes it easy connecting devices to far away power source. All the plug sockets of the device are well insulated and grounded and is equipped with Automatic overload protection with reset switch and LED indicator for “Protection” which gives us indications that the socket is properly grounded or not.

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