INTEX – Swim Center Clearview pool

SKU: IN-70014

Sale price20.990 BHD


INTEX – Swim Center Clearview poolOverviewThe Intex Swim Center Clearview pool 57471 is a great thing to have in your backyard. The inflatable pool can be used by the entire family to have some relief during summer. Swim centers are great for the growing family. There is plenty of room for the kids to romp around, while the parents keep a watchful eye. In This pool can rightly be called “family idyll”, because here calmly placed the whole family. While your kids splash around in the cool some water, you can sit on one of the four comfortable seats, located on the sides of an inflatable children’s pool and enjoy life. Elegant design swimming pools designed in blue scheme looks great in any décor of your home country, giving it a certain flair and personality. The color of the pool enhances the beauty of water and resembles a sea coast.Inflated Size: 159 CM X 159 CM X 49.53 CMFill your child’s summer with fun.

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