Islamic Studies Students Book Grade 5 ( Part 1 )

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This level commences with lessons in 'aqeedah about the implications of imitating others. It also includes a discussion about the signs of Allah (swt) which provide proof of His Oneness. In this grade, learners will recite the 28th Juz' and memorize Soorat Al-Qiyaamah and Soorat Al-Muddaththir. The Seerah lessons deal with the Hijrah and the life of 'Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab (ra). Students will learn about wiping over the socks and other materials such as bandages and plasters. The most significant aspects of Jumu'ah Salah, the status of Zakah, and the adhkaar said before going to sleep and upon awakening are discussed as well. The final lessons in this book cover the significance of good friends and the danger of bad ones. The material is presented, using a spiral approach, where students revisit each area and study it in greater depth each year. The Student's Textbook contains the subject text of the lessons, exercises as well as activities.

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