Jar Melo Stacking Wooden Hercules Blocks

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These 12 stackable acrobats are just fun! With their half-squatting position and lifting arms, strong and solid bodies, and determined and no-nonsense expressions, these strongmn all ready to conquer any crazy and most ridiculous upward challenge! The design of these balancing people are cleverly-done with multiple “balancing points” (shoulders, toes, head) and interlocking surfaces (arms and legs). Try and  balance them on top of each other in different gravity-defying and unbelievable formations, from simple pyramid, mesmerising human tower, to strength-demanding upside-down circus poses! It’s great fun to watch them built-up, and exciting to see them tumbling down the ground. It’s a fun challenge to fine motor skills, puzzle solving, perseverance and patience! The kids laughed and giggled and had a spectacular time balancing and manipulating these adorable squad.

Ridiculously cute Hercules stacking blocks. This stacking toy includes 12 pieces of multi coloured smiling Hercules. Stack and balance them by interlocking their hands. It is more challenging and fun as you stack them higher. But, watch out that they don't all come tumbling down, because if they do, you've lost the game.

This set of Tumbling Hercules is a great 2 person game that challenges patience, tests skills and is a whole lot of fun.

SKU JA93719
Barcode # 5060462693719
Brand JarMelo
Length 0.145m
Height 0.200m
Width 0.050m
Weight 0.6600kg

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