Kelon Split A/C Wifi Rotary 2.0Ton 6 Star


Sale price249.900 BHD


Kelon Split A/C Wifi Rotary 2.0Ton 6 Star


The Kelon Split A/C WiFi Rotary 2.0Ton 6Star 22000BTU 4M Pipe Kit is an advanced air conditioning system designed to provide efficient and reliable cooling for larger spaces. This particular model boasts several impressive features that make it a desirable choice for both residential and commercial use.

With a cooling capacity of 2.0 tons (22000 BTU), this air conditioner is powerful enough to effectively cool a sizable area. It utilizes a rotary compressor, which is known for its smooth and quiet operation, ensuring a comfortable environment without disruptive noise.

One notable feature of this Kelon Split A/C is its impressive energy efficiency, earning a 6-star rating. This means it consumes significantly less energy compared to lower-rated models, resulting in reduced electricity bills and a more environmentally friendly operation.

  • Brand: - Kelon
  • Ton: - 2.0Ton
  • Composer: - Rotary
  • Wifi: - Yes
  • Type : - Split AC
  • Star : - 6 Star
  • BTU: - 22000
  • Pipe: - 4M Pipe Kit.

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