Kenwood Continuous Juice Extractor - JE730, White

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Kenwood Juice Extractor JE730

The juice extractor manufactured by Kenwood gives you an experience of easy juice extracting. Pouring a liquid often gets messy due to the high chances of spillage or dripping. It has a unique construction that comes along with a wide chute. This chute facilitates a mess-free pouring of the extracted juice. It prevents the spilling of the fluid and, also the liquid dripping along the outer surface of the container.The Centrifugal has an excellent capacity, so you can extract more juice in one go. The smooth texture of the extracted juice makes it easy to pour due to the wide chute that does not make the outer surface of the container messy by leaving a residue on it. The super-sharp edges of the blades give you perfect results.This juice extractor has a sturdy body that sustains the wear and tear from daily use. It is manufactured using Plastic that gives its quality a higher grade. The body of the juice extractor has an anti-damage construction. The surface of its body has a White finish that makes it look elegant.

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