Kenwood Multipro Compact Food Processor - FDP301WH


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Kenwood Multipro Compact Food Processor - FDP301WH

Introducing the Kenwood Multipro Compact Food Processor, a culinary powerhouse that brings 800 watts of culinary power to your kitchen. With a 2.1-litre capacity, this efficient food processor in the classic white model FDP301WH is a versatile food preparation machine designed for chopping, slicing, grating, and blending. The compact design is a space-saving kitchen essential, making it an ideal choice for smaller kitchens. Experience efficient kitchen innovation with the Kenwood Multipro Compact Food Processor.


  • 800 Watts Culinary Power: The Kenwood Multipro Compact Food Processor boasts 800 watts of power for efficient and versatile food preparation.
  • 2.1 Litre Capacity Appliance: With a generous 2.1-litre capacity, this appliance is designed to handle various culinary tasks with ease.
  • Compact Design for Small Kitchens: The space-saving design makes it a perfect fit for smaller kitchens, ensuring efficiency without sacrificing valuable counter space.
  • Chopping, Slicing, Grating, Blending: A versatile machine that excels in chopping, slicing, grating, and blending, providing a comprehensive solution for your food preparation needs.
  • Kenwood Culinary Powerhouse: Known for its culinary prowess, Kenwood delivers a compact food processor that embodies power and innovation.
  • FDP301WH Efficient Food Processor: The FDP301WH model is an efficient food processor, blending functionality, and style seamlessly.

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