Krypton Hair Dryer 1x20 - KNH6388

SKU: KNH6388

Sale price7.090 BHD



  • ​DC hair dryer
  • 2 Speed and 2 heat settings
  • Cool Shot Function
  • With concentrator
  • It helps to tighten the hair cuticles and creates a smooth frizz free-style finish giving a long-lasting result with perfectly straight and dry hair
  • It works for all types of hair, and the styles are lasting 
  • It gives a cool blow to the hair and is very useful for setting a hairstyle in place
  • This makes your hairstyle last longer as it does not get disheveled easily
  • With Krypton Hair Dryer, you are free to style in every direction within a radius of a few meters
  • Overheat protection secures safe hair styling
  • With variable heat and speed settings, you can tailor blow-dry to your hair type 

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