LAMART Set 3 Sqr Glass Foodbox Air LT6012

SKU: LT6012

Sale price10.900 BHD


Capacity 320 ml; 520 ml; 800 ml
Dimensions 12x12x6,5 cm;14x14x7,5 cm; 16x16x7,5 cm
Material plastic / glass
Colour clear
  • A practical and reliable set of boxes for storing and carrying food.
  • Made from durable glass and plastic with a quality silicone lid seal – airtight and waterproof.
  • Valve for ventilation and dehumidification of food.
  • Food stays fresh for longer, retains its aroma, does not leak when handled.
  • Suitable for the refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven and dishwasher. -20°C to 110°C.
  • Note: handle products made from glass with care and do not use when cracked.

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