LAMART Serving Bowls 4Pcs-Bamboo LT9020

SKU: LT9020

Sale price7.300 BHD


Lamart The set of Bamboo LT9020 serving bowls will catch the eye of every lover of simple and minimalist design. This set contains four bowls and one large wooden tray . It is suitable for the whole family, whether for everyday use or the enchantment of an exceptional visit. The bowls are white and made of porcelain, while the tray is made of wood and with its length of 38 cm it can carry all the bowls. The whole set boasts easy maintenance and simple cleaning.

Key Features of Lamart Bamboo LT9020

  • The Lamart Bamboo LT9020 set contains four bowls and a tray
  • It stands out with its design
  • Everything is easy to clean and maintain

Size :
38 × 9 cm


Suitable for
Asian food, European Cuisine

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