Make Safari Animals

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Make Safari Animals is a craft book for kids to learn how to make 15 animal crafts that actually turn into things they can use, including a crocodile secret safe, a parrot mobile and a giraffe storage box! Simple instructions accompanied by clear illustrations. Each finished project is shown as a photo to guide children. Eye stickers are provided, along with drawing templates for difficult shapes. Make Safari Animals is fantastic craft book showing children how to make all sorts of crafts using different techniques and materials. Each craft project has illustrated, step-by-step instructions to help kids make each animal, and then a photograph to show what the final craft should look like. Throughout there are helpful hints and tips, and each project states the difficulty level, time needed to complete, and whether an adult's help is needed. The materials needed are listed at the beginning, all of which can be found at home or at a craft store, so adults can get everything ready and understand the tools that their children need to use. Kids are also shown how to make similar crafts. For example, instead of making a hippo, make a rhino by adding a horn and a long tail. Finally, drawing templates are provided to help with the more difficult shapes. As well as 15 animal craft ideas, the book contains a pull-out poster with amazing photos and fascinating facts for each safari animal to show kids what their crafts should look like. Plus more than 180 eye stickers are provided for kids to use with their crafts. This great-value children's craft book is guaranteed to give kids hours of fun! 15 animal craft ideas for kids to make: Elephant gift tag, Flamingo door hanger, Cheetah pop-out card, Monkey paper chain, Crocodile secret safe, Hippopotamus bookend, Python pencil topper, Parrot mobile, Wild dog sweet holder, Meerkat bookmark, Warthog piggy bank, Lion photo holder, Zebra rocking card, Lizard magnet, Giraffe storage box

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