Krypton Rechargeable Mosquito Swatter White


Sale price2.800 BHD


Tired of being bothered by annoying mosquitoes and other insects while sleeping, eating, or sitting in the garden or on the terrace? You need a good electric mosquito swatter to get rid of the annoying mosquitoes. Krypton Rechargeable Mosquito Swatter, with it you get rid of insects in a perfect way, without toxins, pesticides, and unpleasant smells. It’s safe for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Cruises a meticulous technology that assists in making your work easier
  • Compactly structured making portability effortless
  • Splurges a well-crafted exterior that boasts extensive utilisation
  • The Rechargeable Mosquito Swatter is the ultimate battery-operated electric fly swatter effective against virtually any insect. 
  • It’s safe for indoor or outdoor use. Praised as the most effective, convenient, and hygienic insect terminator, it leaves no smudge, smear or mess to clean up after the kill. Avoids causing any skin rashes or infections.
  • This Krypton zapper has a huge 1200mah rechargeable battery that will provide 10 hours continuous working as an insect killer or in an emergency, it can be used as a Cob light during power cutoffs, or outings.

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