Newest Wireless Portable Disinfection Blue Light Nano Steam Gun

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Material: plastic Machine

type: wireless (rechargeable)

Charging time: 2 hours

Use time: one charge lasts 3 hours

Bottled water: 800ml

Battery capacity: 2600mAh

Related voltage: 110-240v (general)

Power: 10W Range: 1.5 meters

Color: white/red/black

Main scope of application: disinfection of home KTV leisure places, night clubs, school theaters

Specifications: American regulations, European regulations, British regulations



100% brand new and high quality .

  1. High-quality nano nozzles, using PA high temperature resistant materials, fast fogging, large amount of fog

  2. Porous heat dissipation, the device releases a large amount of nano-spray, and the body intelligently

     dissipates heat.

  3. Adjust the amount of fog according to softness

  4. The large-capacity water bottle can adjust the control time according to the amount of fog.


Package Included:

  1 *Mist sterilizer


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