Oats shampoo for dogs

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Top quality natural shampoo with oatmeal for dogs with delicate, too dry, very sensitive or irritated skin. It is also indicated for breeds with fragile, fine coats and normal skins. 

The softness of the formula and the cosmetic properties of oats protect the skin and coat, improving and maintaining natural hydration and allowing frequent use without altering the protective properties of the skin.



  • Neutral Ph
  • Special sensitive and delicate skin
  • Very mild surfactants
  • Contains 100% natural Oats extract
  • Color: Cream 
  • Fragrance: vanilla


Moisten fur with plenty of warm water. Apply the shampoo on the neck, back, hands and legs. Massage into a rich and creamy lather and leave for a few moments.

Rinse and let the dog shake. Towel dry and remove traces of moisture with a hairdryer while brushing the fur.

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