Oxford Helix Maths Set Blue

SKU: 2013557

Sale price1.500 BHD


PLU 5060375973427
Supplier Name ESPP
Brand Origin Brand Helix 
Colour Blue
Weight (g) 400

Helix Oxford Metal Box Ruler Set - 170596 - Blue  is a basic set of school supplies contained in a very neat tin pen box, with a design in the tone of the Helix Oxford brand from the UK, which is very luxurious and elegant. calendar.

Set includes: 1 compass, 1 wooden pencil attached to the compass, 1 15cm ruler, 1 180 degree protractor, 2 eke rulers, 1 alphabet ruler, 1 eraser, 1 pencil sharpener and 1 timetable.

This will be the ideal set of products for any student or student.

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