Papertissue Box Wall Mounted Roll Paper Storage Box Paper Storage Box Free Punching Toilet Paper Holder Rack For Bathroom

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Characteristics Large space, small items such as cell phones and air fresheners can be placed, convenient and practical Simple and fast installation, easy installation, no drilling, no professional tools, no nails, no drilling, no damage to the wallSeparate drawer storage box for toiletries. The toilet paper box is made of ABS material, which is non-irritating, non-odorous, environmentally friendly and healthy. The paper outlet is a zigzag design, which makes it easier to break the paperSuitable for toilet paper rolls, waterproof boxes, no need to worry about the toilet paper getting wet in the bathroom Specification: Colour White Material: ABS + practical + computer +Product size: 28.2 cm * 12 cm * 13 cmProduct weight: 630 grams

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