Acrylic Paint In Tube Vermilion Red Amt

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In the course of the 20th century, one of the first formulations of a new paint appeared: acrylic. 

An acrylic paint allows the artist to work in a shorter time with pigments, while keeping the properties of conservation of the material and of the color over time.

If, for centuries, oil painting has been used by all the great masters for the quality of its material, its brilliance, its conservation over time, it is nonetheless a painting that requires great mastery. auxiliaries, thinners, mediums and which requires a lot of time unlike acrylic.

The thinner in acrylic paint is water and thus opens up new fields of creativity.

  • Bright and intense colors
  • Traditional acrylic painting on canvas or panel, easy mixing
  • High coverage
  • Permanent after drying

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