Philips Azur Steam Iron - GC4532

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Philips Azur Steam Iron - GC4532

Experience the future of ironing with the Philips Azur Steam Iron - GC4532. This iron is your companion in achieving impeccably pressed clothes that exude sophistication. Bid adieu to wrinkled attire and embrace a new era of elegance and efficiency.

Product Details

  • Powerful Steam: The GC4532 steam iron boasts powerful steam output, making quick work of stubborn wrinkles and giving your clothes a polished finish.
  • Steam Surge: Activate the steam surge function to tackle deep-set wrinkles, ensuring flawless results every time.
  • Durable Soleplate: The durable soleplate ensures even heat distribution and glides effortlessly over fabrics for seamless ironing.
  • Ample Water Tank: With its ample water tank capacity, you can enjoy uninterrupted ironing sessions.
  • Precision Control: The precision tip enables you to navigate intricate areas with ease, ensuring every detail is flawlessly pressed.
  • Vertical Steaming: Conveniently steam hanging garments and drapes vertically, without the need to take them down.
  • Adjustable Temperature: Tailor the temperature settings to match various fabric types for safe and efficient ironing.
  • Self-Cleaning Feature: Maintain the longevity of your iron with the self-cleaning feature.
  • Dimensions: 10.8 x 5.3 x 6.7 inches

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