Philips Click-On Beard Styler Attachment RQ111 Black

SKU: RQ111

Sale price22.590 BHD


SmartClick Beard Styler; Fits Shaver 9000, Shaver 7000, Sensotouch 3D, Sensotouch 2D and arcitec shavers

  • Philips click-on beard styler complements your SensoTouch shaver as well as Series 7000 and Series 9000, so you can create the style you want
  • The beard & moustache comb with five length settings allows you to maintain a perfect beard up to 5 mm
  • Simply remove the comb to use the precision trimmer with a 0.5mm stubble setting
  • Turn your shaver into a trimmer in two easy steps, first lift the shaving head out of the shaver and then click on the beard styler
  • The click-on beard styler is designed to trim whiskers extremely short while still protecting your skin

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