Philips Water Dispenser Bottom Loading Water Dispenser ADD4968GD/56 With Micro P-Clean filtration and UV Gold Color

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  • Bottom loading; Cold Water Temp:10°C; 220V-240V~, 50Hz/60Hz; Hot Water Temp:90°C;
  • Micro P-Clean filtration effectively removes microplastics.
  • Long-life filter with a capacity of 4000L
  • UV-LED kills 99.9% bacteria in the cold water tank.
  • ClearSmart indicator tells when to replace the filter.
  • QuickTwist filter change for easy filter replacement.
  • Compressor cools water efficiently.
  • Wide dispensing area fits various sizes of containers.
  • Z-shape 304 stainless steel water pipe.
  • Child lock to prevent hot water burns.

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