Portable Wearable Fan For Travelling Outdoor Sports Cool Fan Powerful Rechargeable

SKU: TI0000494-23

Sale price3.850 BHD


Mute motor, super strong wind.
Wear load and comfortable hands free.
It's lightweight and fashionable.
Three wind speed, a key switch.
The angle of the fan can be adjusted at will.
It is suitable for various scenes such as travel, hiking, mountaineering and fishing.

Item type: Wearable Fan
Color: Blue, pink, black, green, white(optional)
Battery model: 18650-3.7V
Power consumption: 0.3W-1.2W
Charge input: DC5V 1A 
Interface type: Micro
Package weight: 247g / 8.71ounce
Package size: 0.21 * 0.175 * 0.043m / 8.26 * 6.88 * 1.69inch

Package list:
1 * Fan
1 * USB cable

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