Marker Board 3.0mm Line Plus 600b Blue

SKU: 2013179

Sale price0.370 BHD


Marker for white boards line plus 600b with increased ink stock is designed for magnetic marker boards and other non-porous surfaces
The impact-resistant cone-shaped body made of primary plastic lies comfortably in the hand and does not roll off the surface. Alcohol-based ink comes dosed, do not form a blot and dry on the surface of the board for 1-2 seconds. Marker up to 3 days does not dry without a cap, and with a closed cap for one hour completely restores its properties!
A durable fiberboard tip does not slip into the body and keeps the shape throughout the life of the marker. Convenient fixation of the tip eliminates its loss during presentation, lecture, lesson. The length of the letter line is 600 meters color blue

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