PW JS Pick Medium White


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PW JS Pick Medium-White

  • Collectible Joe Satriani guitar picks
  • Each high quality celluloid pick features original Joe Satriani artwork
  • Heavy gauge (91mm) is ideal for articulate picking
  • Highly detailed artwork on every pick
  • Available in other gauges

Product description

Product Description

JS Design picks are made of premium celluloid and feature 10 different Joe Satriani original designs.

From the Manufacturer


D'Addario/Planet Waves Guitar Picks

Guitar picks may seem like a simple tool but with varying materials, shapes and colors to choose from, D'Addario/Planet Waves has made it easier than ever to help you find the right pick for your playing style. The following guide will help you differentiate between varying shapes, materials and tonal characteristics.

Pick Shape:

D'Addario/Planet Waves offers three different pick shapes, each having their own advantages:
tandard - Perfect for picking or strumming, the standard shape is by far the most popular as it offers enough area for a firm grip but also has more defined tip for good note articulation. Many players also turn the pick around and use the rounder edge for a softer attack and warmer tone.        Wide - Wide picks are easy to hold and offer multiple picking areas by simply rotating the pick as one edge begins to wear.        Jazz - Jazz shaped picks like our Black Ice Picks are the ultimate for pick control and articulation. The small size and sharp shaped tip allows the pick to have a fast response and bright tone with excellent note definition. This pick is a favorite among jazz, progressive rock and metal guitarists.


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