Racing Rail Car Model Racing Educational Toys Children Track Car Adventure Game Brain Game Mechanical Interactive Train Toy

SKU: LS10192

Sale price16.420 BHD


Features: 1. New concept of mechanical link track adventure can improve thinking ability and hands-on ability. 2. Reasonable mechanical structure, no battery, stable structure, easy to operate. 3. Unlike traditional toys: children must do it themselves and let child track toys. 4. Multiple colors help the baby recognize the colors of the six buttons and match the colors of the scene. Babies learn to use control buttons to recognize colors. 4. Safe and environmentally friendly ABS material is resistant to fall: the component does not fall off and accompanies the baby longer. 5. 360 degree soft treatment, round and smooth texture; balloon does not burst. Specification: Product size: 32.5x32.5x18cm Note that one of the smaller sizes is 22*22*20cm Material: ABS Applicable age: over 3 years old

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