Royal ford 800 ml Air Proof Box Transparent & Blue

SKU: RF5891

Sale price1.220 BHD


Preserve your sugar, nuts, pasta and other food items for longer periods of time with the RoyalFord RF5891 Airproof Box,800MI. With the clip lock feature, this airproof box secures food items and protects them from spillage. This container is airtight and thereby improves the shelflife of your food items. What's more? Thanks to its 800ml capacity, this airproof box can store large quantities of food items.


  • Transparent & Blue Design: The Royal Ford Air Proof Box features a stylish combination of transparency and blue, adding elegance to your kitchen storage.
  • Elegance in Storage: Crafted for both practicality and aesthetics, this storage box brings elegance to your culinary organization.
  • Freshness-Preserving Solution: Designed to preserve freshness, this kitchen storage marvel ensures your ingredients stay at their optimal condition.
  • Culinary Organization: Experience the ease of culinary organization with the Royal Ford Storage Box, offering a solution that enhances your kitchen space.
  • Royal Ford Storage Box: Trust in the Royal Ford brand for a storage solution that combines sophistication, functionality, and freshness preservation.

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