RoyalFord Vacuum Bottle 750 ML - RF5770

SKU: RF5770

Sale price4.050 BHD


Whether you''re looking for the best reusable water bottle for the gym, a great-looking flask to keep your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate warm whilst out hiking, walking or traveling, or a portable wine chiller to keep your wine cool for a lazy Summer picnic, Royalford can peRForm peRFectly with both hot & cold drinks whilst also reducing overall plastic usage.This Royalford 750ML vacuum flask has a compact design and is lightweight. It has a tight lid that fits peRFectly and prevents any liquid from falling. It is leak-proof and is safe to be put in a travel bag. It maintains hygiene, and by using it, you are refusing plastic bottles which are harmful to the planet.It maintains the flavour and preserves the original freshness of the drink. It comes in a beautiful brown colour to make it extra stylish! This thermos has insulation with a vacuum inside. It prevents the heat from escaping out or entering in. No coaster needed! It is crafted and designed to the last rust-free. Better than using plastic or glass water bottles! Maintaining your stainless steel bottle is almost as easy as throwing a plastic bottle into the trash. Regularly rinse it with some warm soapy water and give it a good scrub with your bottle brush.

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