Sanford Rechargeable 2sc Led Search Light Black


Sale price7.290 BHD


High-performance portable lighting solution for heavy duty outdoor long-range lighting applications as commercial search operations for armed forces, industries, security agencies professional organizations, forest department, agricultural department, hill camping and remote hilly and safari areas.Conveniently compact and rechargeable, this light source is designed to be of use anytime, anywhere. Keep our rechargeable search light within hand's reach and enjoy a bright and reliable light source when in situations with no power or during power outages.Powerful LED light, ultra strong light up to 800 lumens with a transmission distance of 2200 meters. It requires 8 hours to get charged fully and lasts up to 240 minutes/3 hours.Search light is made from air-craft Grade aluminum and can withstand extremes of temperatures, from freezing to boiling. It is Water Resistant and shock resistant.

Colour Black
Battery Capacity 1900mAh
Brand Sanford
Model SF4668SL Bs
Type Rechargeable 2SC LED Search Light
Feature Corrosion / Water / Shock Resistance
Hyper Bright CREE 3W LED
Range 1200 Meters / 120-140 Lumens.
Duration 200 Minutes Continuous Working
Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium
Current 550mA
Voltage 5.0V
USB Charging Yes
Charging Time 8 Hours

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