Science Fact File 1 For Secondary Class

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Science Fact file is a completely new series of science text books written specifically for students in Pakistan who are studying the UK National Curriculum. Each book contains a combination of topics from physics, chemistry and biology and relates the scientific facts to the everyday world with which the students are familiar.Clear layout, full-colour illustrations and informative text provide a student-friendly resource which will make learning a pleasureThe step-by-step approach makes understanding of potentially 'complicated' concepts attainableA comprehensive contents section gives full details of the teaching objectives and learning outcomes for each unitQuestions at the end of each section test students' learning and ability to apply the knowledge they have gainedThe short Did You Know sections provide extra, fascinating facts related to the topic studiedEach unit is followed by an assessment section to further assess pupils' learning and indicate where further study may be requiredThere is a septe Student's Workbook for each level, containing further learning and assessment materialsComprehensive Teacher's Guides are available for each level, providing:Background information on the topicsAnswers to questions set in the student's bookSafety notes and instructions for demonstrations, activities and experimentsPhotocopiable worksheets for core experiment and assessment activities with notes on the expected results of experimentsFurther learning sections with additional ideas for short student activities.

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