Space Hulk Ascension Standard Edition - PlayStation 4

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Lead your forces against evil in Space Hulk: Ascension for PlayStation 4. Based on the classic board game, this turn-based space adventure puts you in command of fearless Space Marines as you explore ancient spaceships. A variety of weapons, skills and strategy is all that stands between you and destruction in Space Hulk: Ascension.


103 unique missions spread out across three campaign chapters

New Genestealer variations for you to face in the depths of the Space Hulk

A complete reworking of the board game rules and mechanics. It's still the Space Hulk game you love, reimagined for a new experience

RPG-style skill progression and player squad management allow you to create your own tailor-made team of hardened veterans

New weapons, more complex maps, combo weapons, and flash missions

10x the amount of content of the original game, with a playtime of 50 - 100 hours

Ultramarines Chapter, an all-new Space Marine chapter including a Terminator armed with cyclone missile launcher

Earn XP during missions, level up attributes and skills, and give your Terminators a personal touch by customizing their names, weapon loadout and appearance

Terminators reveal the layout of the Space Hulk as they venture deep into the darkness

Additional weapons, tactical options and game rules

Key Specs

  • Edition : Standard Edition
  • ESRB Rating : T (Teen 13+)
  • ESRB Descriptors : Blood and gore, Violence
  • Compatible Platform(s) : PlayStation 4
  • Software Format : Physical


  • Product Name : Space Hulk Ascension
  • Brand : Hoplite Research
  • Publisher : Hoplite Research
  • Model Number : GS99701

Game Details

  • Edition : Standard Edition
  • Genre : Turn Based Strategy

Certifications & Listings

  • ESRB Rating : T (Teen 13+)
  • ESRB Descriptors : Blood and gore, Violence


  • Compatible Platform(s) : PlayStation 4
  • Software Format : Physical


  • UPC : 798068997010

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