Spectra Dual Compact Premium Electric Breast Pump

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Breast milk is best to ensure a baby's growth and harmonious physical and mental development. The bond between mother and baby is strengthened over time, and the most important step is breastfeeding. However, there are cases in which breastfeeding is difficult or deficient, for various reasons. To meet breastfeeding mothers, Spectra breast pumps have innovative features and characteristics to cover a wide range of situations.

  • increase milk production
  • breastfeeding babies with breastfeeding problems
  • extracting excess milk to empty the breasts
  • storage of milk for the moments when the mother is not at home with the baby
  • continuing breastfeeding after the mother returns to work
  • breastfeeding premature babies
  • Spectra breast pumps help nursing mothers with a wide range of double electric pumps, which help them extract more milk in the shortest possible time.
  • whether it is pumps for personal use or for maternity hospitals, in the first place are the comfort of the mother and the hygiene of the extracted milk
  • offers comfort to the mother thanks to the possibility of adjusting the vacuum differently for each breast
  • it can be used anywhere and anytime
  • in this model you have the great advantage of being able to choose different stages of vacuum intensity adjustment for each breast , the extraction process being easy to adapt to the needs of each mother.
  • DUAL COMPACT premium electric breast pump works connected to the socket, but also wireless thanks to the rechargeable battery
  • The included battery  allows a range of 2 hours, being extremely useful on the go
  • can be powered both with the included power supply and with a type C USB cable (not included in the package)
  • provided with  12 levels of vacuum adjustment (adjustable extraction power up to 270 mmHg, with the possibility of individual adjustment for each breast)
  • elegant and compact model , ideal for active mothers 
  • with a modern design, this pump is the most efficient model in the Spectra range that offers fast and painless extraction of breast milk, but also portability
  • it is ideal for frequent or occasional use
  • can be used to extract and store a milk supply for times when the mother can not be with the baby for various reasons
  • can be used exclusively for pumping in the case of babies with breast attachment problems
  • strong and yet delicate - the possibility of adjusting the power of the vacuum according to the preferences of each mother, so the experience of breastfeeding becomes pleasant and comfortable
  • the function of stimulating lactation (massage) used at the beginning of each extraction has the role of simulating the sucking of the baby, triggering the secretion of milk
  • the extraction function allows a fast and painless collection of breast milk
  • the timer indicates the pumping time
  • it stops automatically after 30 minutes of use
  • provided with battery level indicator
  • the LCD screen allows the visualization of the pumping power (depending on the way in which massage or extraction is used), of the pumping duration and of the battery level
  • the pump is equipped with an LED  night light, useful during pumping sessions during the night, helping the mother to view the chosen settings 
  • equipped with memory function - when the pump is restarted, it will operate according to the last setting of the vacuum intensity level chosen for the extraction function
  • easy to assemble and sterilize
  • all components that come into contact with breast milk are free of Bisphenol A (BPA free)
  • milk collection containers can be used to feed the baby, by attaching the teats included in the set
  • provided with the sound mode turned off / on so as not to disturb the sleeping baby
  • equipped with anti-reflux system that prevents the penetration of milk and polluted air from outside into the 2 hoses
  • choosing the right breast cup size is very important
  • the pumps come with buckets standard size 24 mm
  • you can see in the video below how to identify the correct size
  • main pump Spectra premium Dual COMPACT
  • 2 breast cups - cup size 24 mm
  • 2 bottles
  • 2 soft teats with flow for newborns
  • 2 hoses
  • 2 hose adapters for connection to the pump
  • power supply for the socket
  • 2 hygienic anti-reflux systems that prevent milk from entering the 2 hoses
Technical specifications:
  • 12 levels of vacuum adjustment (adjustable extraction power up to 270 mmHg)
  • the possibility of adjusting the vacuum differently for each breast
  • 5 levels of massage power adjustment (adjustable power up to 130 mmHg)
  • Cycle speed (extraction mode): 26 CPM (cycles per minute)
  • Cycle speed (massage mode): 100 CPM (cycles per minute)
  • Size: 183 (W) x 94 mm (H)
  • Timer: stops automatically after 30 minutes
  • Battery life: 2 hours Battery charging time: 4 hours
  • Weight: about 670 grams
  • Does not contain BPA.

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