Spider Man Stainless Water Bottle 600ml Double Wall

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Spider-Man - Stainless Water Bottle 600 ML DOUBLE WALL

Disney Frozen II Stainless Water Bottle, schools are increasingly insistent that children only drink water on site so these durable and clear bottles do just the job. Flip the lid to reveal a silicone bendy straw making it extra easy to slurp on the go.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for any Spider man fan.
  • Leak-proof when closed, spill proof when open
  • Comfortable easy to carry handle
  • Perfectly sized for little one.


Brand - Marvel

Type - Sipper Bottle

Age - 3 Years+

Material - Stainless Steel

Character - Spider man

Product Capacity - 600ml

Marvel Toys (formerly Toy Biz and Charan Toys) is the toy division of Marvel Entertainment, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. ToyBiz originated in Montreal,and became an American firm. The company initially made Revlon fashion dolls .It became a major producer of Marvel character toys.ToyBiz started up its Classic Heroes candy division in early 1996.In 1990 Toy Biz began producing Marvel figures, the first was a series released that year called Marvel Super Heroes The third and fourth series of X-Men figures helped to establish what direction Toy Biz would go, and later on, as Marvel's characters gained animated series and more popularity,Due to the rushed production,they concentrated on superhero playsets and props for Marvel, such as the Spider-Man stunt system, Hulk Hands etc.


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