Stanley Powerlock 3M x 13Mm Metric Imperial

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  • These is metric tape measures featuring thumb operated blade lock, automatic power blade return and a removable belt clip.
  • The blade is printed in yellow, black and red for easy reading and is coated with a polyester film for maximum wear resistance.
  • The end of the blade is fitted with a 'true-zero' sliding hook.
  • Stanley power lock measuring tape has spring return 13mm wide, durable, chrome plated plastic case.
  • Unique mylar coating protects three color blade graphics for up to 10 times normal life.
  • Color: Mylar Yellow
  • High-impact chrome ABS case for tough onsite job.
  • Mylar polyester film extend life of entire blade.
  • Corrosion-resistant Tru-Zero® end hook for accurate measurements.
  • High-impact case for durability.
  • Secure blade lock won't creep during measurement.

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