Sturdy Footstool 7 In Footstool For Adults Pregnants Elders Kids Toddler Potty Training

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A great toilet stool for kids' potty training, and a comfortable ergonomic toilet assistance step for the pregnant and elder. 

Appropriate ergonomic size for ultimate comfort and easy bowel movement. Lift your leg's height higher when sitting on toilet would be helpful for the condition of being unable to get rid of waste material from the bowels easily.
Measures 15.35*8.26*6.69in (L*W*H), suitable for kids, adults, pregnants and elders. 
Non-slip pads on the bottom provide excellent stability. PP material features waterproof, rustproof, sturdy, durable and more. 
Thickened board has a high load-bearing capacity without the problem of bending deformation.
Compact and curved design fits all toilets, and it is easy to be stored under the closestool without taking too much space. 

Material: PP
Color: White
Item Size: 39*21*17cm / 15.35*8.26*6.69in
Package Size: 39*21*8.5cm / 15.35*8.26*3.34in
Item Weight: 700g / 24.69oz
Package Weight: 710g / 25.04oz

Packing List:
1 * Footstool

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