Super racing sport car series R8 building blocks

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362 Pcs Static Luxury Racing Car Bricks DIY Sports Car Building Kit Small Particle Vehicle Toy


.Building block sports car, the appearance and details are highly restored, foldable wheels, double cab, simulation tires, exquisite interior, streamlined body, with 2 same color figures and exquisite stickers, high playability
.High-quality parts, using ABS plastic, no peculiar smell, environmental protection, all parts are designed by the same manufacturer, to ensure small tolerances and good matching
.Manufactured by high-precision molds, the surface of the building blocks is smooth, and there are no safety hazards such as burrs and chamfers. It is more assured to play. At the same time, the parts are compatible with the famous Danish building block brand and contain many parts with special colors and special shapes, whether it is playability or collection value is extremely high
.The product has color printed paper manual
.A toatal of 362 pcs. The parts can be compatible with other building block brands. It can be used as a source of various MOC building blocks. After the building blocks are assembled, it is an excellent ornament. It can be used as a background decoration. The assembly process feels the mystery of mechanical engineering. It is an excellent stem tool
.The product packaging with graphic carton, suitable as gifts at birthday parties, Christmas, Thanksgiving, back to school, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Halloween, Easter and other occasions
.Suitable for people over 8 years old

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