The Case Of The Moosy Lake Monster

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"In this clever chapter book, the second in a new series, real science is seamlessly woven into four separate mysteries solved by Science Detectives Drake Doyle and Nell Fossey. No case is too big or too small for this dynamic duo, who never miss an opportunity to unravel evil plots surrounding the election for class president or expose the frauds behind the monster mysteriously rising from the depths of the local lake.
The snappy, funny dialogue and wacky scenarios are perfect for middle-graders, who will enjoy discovering the four science experiments at the back of the book, which focus on such concepts as static electricity, oil spills, ultraviolet light, and buoyancy. Each experiment corresponds to a case that Doyle and Fossey have solved-and will have readers scrambling for their own magnifying glasses and fluorescent thief-detection powder in no time! "

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