The Oodlethunks Book 2 Welcome To Camp Woggle

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Who says kids are the only ones who can have fun during the summer? Oona Oodlethunk and her brother Bonk are ready to change all that. When they hatch a plan to create a Collected Animals Meeting Place, Camp Woggle is born! But hold onto your sunhat, this isn't your typical boondoggle-lanyard camp. And none of the campers arrive with bug repellent or sunscreen. This happy All Pets Allowed place is strictly for prehistoric pets. Dinosaurs, fruitafossors, lemurs, turtles, and even pet rocks are welcome, as long as they stick to Camp Woggle's rules:

1. No Chewing or Biting (Unless It's Your Food)
2. Be Kind and Thoughtful
3. Older Pets Get First Turn
4. No Dangerous Predators Allowed
5. When Nature Calls, Wash Your Paws

This wacky West Woggle adventure stars some pretty impressive critters and lots of action-packed Stone-Age facts!

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