The Science Factor For Primary Classes Book 4

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The Science Factor is a six-level primary science course which has been designed to bring science alive to students in a way that is relevant, engaging, and enlightening. Guided by science superheroes, students are taken on a journey of discovery that will help them understand the world they live in, those they share it with, and the universe beyond our planet.Drawing content from international science syllabuses, this series is packed with information, activities, experiments, puzzles, and amazing visuals that will stimulate students’ curiosity and actively engage them in the learning process.Each level consists of a student’s book, workbook, interactive CD, and a teaching guide. Integration between these components ensures a complete learning experience. While the workbook provides ample opportunity for practice, the interactive CD reinforces scientific concepts and provides more practice through exercises and activities. The teaching guide is a valuable resource for the teacher, offering background information, detailed lesson plans, answers to question in the student’s book, and ideas for additional activities and experiments.

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