Toilet Brush And Holder Set Silicone Bristles Toliet Brush With Long Handle Toilet Bowl Cleaner Brush And Holder Tools

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Color: White
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Characteristics: * 1. PP holder, and silicone brush bristles which have the anti-adhesive coating so that no dirt can adhere to it, thus gain a germ-free zone and convenient toilet cleaning. * 2. The toilet brush head is water resistant, eliminating the hassle of dripping. * 3. Ergonomic handles make cleaning easier and cleaning time. Comfortable, non-slip handle design, pack with stable and breathable 2-layer holder that is well-ventilated. The simple and beautiful design is tailored to your bathroom. * 4. The slim holder is much easier to be near the toilet. Description: * 1. Material: PP + TPR * 2. Size: 36.5 x 9.8 x 4.3 cm * 3. Colors: # Pink, # White, # Blue

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