Tookyland Magnetic Marble Run

SKU: LT108

Sale price6.270 BHD


Build your own magnetic marble run. This kit comes with different length runs that you can attach to any metallic surface (like your fridge) to create your own unique ball run. Learn about the concepts of flow and gravity as you build and rebuild this never ending marble course.

Each set come with 15 runs and catchers as well as marbles to run down the course you build. Made from quality plastic and magnetic components, you can create and design a run over and over again.

Slopes, turns, gravity, heights, and more – building a Marble Run from scratch is challenging and teaches the fundamental concepts of engineering in a practical way. These timeless toys are wonderful construction toys, brilliant for hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and just fun for everyone.

Barcode # 6972633373100
Brand Tookyland
Length 0.290m
Height 0.050m
Width 0.270m
Weight 0.9800kg

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