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Withstand a bevy of monstrous onslaughts in Vikings: Wolves of Midgard for PlayStation 4. Journey through a land full of the undead and other Ragnorak monsters, defeating foes in battle via a Berserker Rage mode. Unlock new weapons and perfect your skills as you rise through levels in Vikings: Wolves of Midgard.


Visit the worlds from Norse mythology and travel the realms of earthly Midgard, freezing Niflheim and boiling Balheim, either as a fierce Viking warrior or merciless shieldmaiden

Withstand the deathly colds and protect yourself from exposure to nature's wrath in order to survive

Collect blood from fallen enemies and sacrifice it at the altar to gain gifts from the Gods to enhance your powers

Control your rage, or let your anger take hold by activating Rage Mode and use it to your advantage to overwhelm your enemies in combat

Improve your skills with each weapon to unlock their true potential, including swords, bows and spell-powered canes

Make the abilities of the Gods your own by equipping power-infused amulets, like the Talismans of Thor or Loki. Put your new skills to the test by competing in the Trials of the Gods to earn further rewards

Take a friend along on an adventurous journey to the Shores of Midgard in an epic two player online co-op mode. Choose between four difficulty levels to fit your skills and talents. Do you dare attempt the unrelenting hardcore mode?

Rebuild your village and become one of the ruling Viking clans of Midgard

Gather the scattered fragments of mythical weapons and armors to take on the most fearsome creatures of the realms

Become even more powerful in the next life by attempting New Game+, and carry your Viking warrior or shieldmaiden to the limits

Use physics to your advantage; hurl your enemies off cliffs, and utilize the destructible environment to cause even more damage to your foes

For 1 to 2 players

Key Specs

  • ESRB Rating : M (Mature 17+)
  • ESRB Descriptors : Blood and gore, Partial nudity, Violence
  • Compatible Platform(s) : PlayStation 4
  • Software Format : Physical


  • Product  Name : Vikings Wolves of Midgard
  • Brand : Kalypso
  • Publisher : Kalypso
  • Developer : Games Farm
  • Model Number : 667

Game Details

  • Genre : Action and Adventure, Role Playing
  • Multiplayer : Yes

Certifications & Listings

  • ESRB Rating  : M (Mature 17+)
  • ESRB Descriptors : Blood and gore, Partial nudity, Violence


  • Compatible Platform(s) : PlayStation 4
  • Software Format : Physical


  • Video Game Content Included : Full game


  • UPC : 848466000673

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