Wooden Mechanical Watch Winding Box 3321223412

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Wooden Mechanical Watch Winding Box 3321223412

Watch Winder Box Specifications:

1. Capacity: 2 wrist watches 2. Working Modes: 3 Operation Modes 3. Power: It can be directly plugged in (voltage: 100-240V, 50/60 hz, 0.3A) or used as battery 4. Rotate speed: (6.5-8.5)turns/minute 5. Product material: Wood/PU leather/Stainless Steel /Metal etc 6. Product Pure Size: 18*18*20cm 7. Size Include Package: 25*23*27cm 7. Package included: 1* Watch winder box 1* Power Plug 1* User Manual


1. Display and storage the watches. 2. To wind and reset the day/date of the self-winding automatic timepieces, Keep the automatic watch working in good condition.


1. With 3 Operation Modes. 2. Quiet rotation without noise. 3. High Quality & durable.

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