Wooden Play Food Cutting Veggies Fruits

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Wooden Play Food Cutting Veggies Fruits

  • Made of wooden material making it safe for children to use
  • Has velcro tape for kids to easily cut and put back together
  • Educational and pretend toys for your children to love
  • Dimensions: 18cm x 18cm x 3cm (L x W x Th)
  • Package content: 1 x Wooden Play Food Cutting Veggies Fruits

Wooden Play Food Cutting Veggies Fruits

This wooden play food is perfect for your kids to have. Playing is part of our kids daily routine. A day will never pass without them playing with either a toy or outside with friends. And playing can not only make our kids happy but can also help them develop a lot of skills as they grow up. With it, they can discover many things and will begin to be curious about the real things. So, engage your children into playing with physical toys and activities. It is beneficial for their well being.

Colorful Pretend Food For Kids

These pretend toys are made of wood material making it safe for children to play. Likewise, kids will enjoy cutting colorful fruits and vegetables that look like real. And this wooden play food comes in 6 variations that your kids will enjoy choosing. It has velcro tape to cut and make it whole again. It has a wooden chopping board and knife allowing kids to imitate adults in preparing food. Also, it’s chopping board can help your children organize and keep these toys when not in use.

Fun and Educational Food Cutting Toys

As children grow, they need to learn a lot of life skills that can help them later in life. So it is helpful to let them play with educational and pretend toys. This way, they can develop their mental and cognitive skills. Since they need to find ways and think about how these toys work. Kids will explore their imagination and imitate adults on how real things function. So invest in educational yet fun toys for your children and you’ll reap its benefits in due time. Order one now for your child and your friends’ too. Let them enjoy playing while they are still young.

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