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Children will have a fun and educational experience with the HUAWEI WATCH KIDS 4 Pro. It has a flashy and flowing design that incorporates technology with high-quality materials to provide a pleasant and instructive experience for them. In every aspect, from the technologically advanced hardware configurations to the software applications, the Huawei Watch Kids 4 Pro wants to be a unique watch that will accompany children and keep them safe and healthy while allowing them to enjoy experiencing the world.

Using Huawei's own in-house developed network positioning services, HUAWEI WATCH KIDS 4 Pro can achieve the highest level of location precision possible. GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, A-GPS, WLAN, base stations, indoor positioning, and accelerometer-assisted positioning are all available technologies.

Features Of Huawei Watch Kids 4 Pro 

The Huawei Watch Kids 4 Pro contains capabilities such as Huawei's own self-developed network positioning services, And they are intelligently used to acquire the highest possible precision in location.

The Watch Kids 4 Pro can correctly record location every 120 seconds, thanks to the GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, A-GPS, WLAN positioning, base station positioning, indoor positioning, accelerometer-assisted positioning, and SOS camera-assisted tracking technologies integrated into the device.

Parents will also be notified when their children leave or enter the Safe Zone, as well as when they return. The following are the specifications for the Huawei Watch for Kids 4 Pro.

  • 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage space
  • Battery with a huge capacity of 800 mAH
  • HD camera with 5 Megapixels. 85-degree wide-angle selfies and high-definition video calls are possible.
  • It has two distinct LED lights on either side of the watch that flash in a rhythmic pattern while the watch is worn.
  • The application icons are vibrant and lively, which makes them appealing to young users.
  • includes a nine-system locating technology that assists parents in understanding where their children are.
  • Parents can enter a safe zone that is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • If you hold down the FUN button for 5 seconds, you will activate the SOS button, which will contact the administrator. It also provides a real-time snapshot of the child's immediate surroundings to the parent.
  • Parents can regulate their child's contacts. Allows them to configure their watch to refuse and automatically block calls from unknown numbers.
  • Waterproof up to a depth of 50 meters. With a single click, the speaker may be completely depleted.
  • There is a swim-training mode available.
  • Include activities such as skipping ropes, sit-ups, and walking in your app.
  • Your child can make new friends and compete with them in the physical activities that they participate in.
  • You can connect to WiFi.
  • It is equipped with an ambient and ultraviolet light sensor.
  • The use of accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers

10 Reasons to Choose Huawei Watch Kids 4 Pro

In light of the watch's performance over a few weeks, here are some reasons why you might consider purchasing one for your child:

  1. You won't have to be concerned about your child's location anymore. You can find out where she is by using your smartphone application. A few weeks ago, we were on vacation, and the location displayed on the application was accurate and succinct.
  2. Your youngster may use her watch to send you messages (text, photos, or voice) or to make phone calls to you. 
  3. When a youngster presses the SOS button, the watch will immediately dial your phone number as the administrator, if you are present. In addition, the watch will share a snapshot of your child's immediate surroundings. 
  4. If you are at work and would like to check in on your child, you may do so by using video calling technology. 
  5. It prevents calls from unknown numbers. Consequently, you will be less concerned about other individuals sending texts or making phone calls to your child. 
  6. Parental control is provided through an app on their phone, which allows them to see the SMS message sent to the watch. 
  7. The battery level of the watch may be checked using the accompanying software on your phone.
  8. You can choose additional family members to be on the lookout for in case your phone number is not available. 
  9. Water-resistant! Children enjoy playing in the water, so she will have less anxiety if she forgets to take it off before heading to the pool.
  10. I enjoy the physical activities that the watch may encourage the youngster to participate in.

Design & Colours of The Huawei Watch Kids 4 Pro

There are two colors to choose from: pink and blue, and the most important thing to remember is that they both sound great. They are not slowing down since the microphone is not working properly. On a single charge, you may use them for several days without recharging.

The Watch Kids 4 Pro is equipped with a water-resistant construction that is 5ATM in depth. The buttons, in particular, feature a waterproof casing design that has passed stringent waterproof testing requirements. It is waterproof up to a depth of 50 meters. In addition, the Watch Kids 4 Pro includes a counting feature as well as a one-minute exercise challenge for activities like skipping rope, free skipping rope, and sit-ups.

Aside from that, the wristwatch can measure users' steps and provide them a score, which is useful for youngsters who want to push themselves when they are exercising. Starting with a technologically advanced hardware setup and continuing with thoughtful and practical software applications, the Watch Kids 4 Pro strives to be a one-of-a-kind watch that will accompany a child to keep them safe and healthy while also assisting them in enjoying their exploration of the world.

What To Consider While Using Huawei Watch Kids 4 Pro?

  • If there are any factors to consider before using this watch, the loading of data into the SIM card and the battery life of the watch are the two that come to mind for me
  • Even though the watch charges quickly, you may still need to charge it every other day to ensure that it does not become completely depleted. My child enjoys using it, taking pictures, and so forth. In addition, this consumes battery life.
  • For them to function properly, just as other GPS-enabled Huawei smartwatches, you must provide them with data. If your kid is not with you throughout the day (for example, if he or she is at school), you will need to set aside a budget to cover the cost of the watch.

What's Best About This Smartwatch for Kids?

With the Huawei Watch Kids 4 Pro, you can establish time restrictions for your child's exposure to different activities. The alarm on the watch will sound, signaling to your youngster that it is time to return home or engage in another activity. In addition, the watch has a GPS finder and an SOS button for use in emergency circumstances.

Once they leave the pre-set safe zone, the one-button SOS emergency call function is enabled, allowing them to contact you in a second while also sending you automatically snapped photographs of their present position. The video call feature is also a favorite of ours because the voice and video are both crystal clear as long as Wi-Fi is steady in both places.


To conclude, the Huawei Watch Kids 4 Pro is a fantastic smartwatch for children of all ages. It features a touch screen and is quite simple to operate. Because of its long battery life, your child may have it with them at all times of the day. Hardware-wise, this smartwatch is excellent, perhaps even exceptional. Remove the child-friendly features and you're left with a fantastic wearable that has many of the 'Pro' features that distinguish a solid smartwatch, such as GPS, SIM card compatibility, and a camera.


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