LAMART Taste Spice Bottles 4-Piece LT7019

SKU: LT7019

Sale price10.600 BHD


Capacity 95 ml; 250 ml
Diameter 5,6 cm; 7 cm
Dimensions Ø5,6 cm x 11,5 cm ; Ø7 cm x 19 cm; 16x16x22,5 cm
Material SS / plastic / glass
Colour clear
  • Practical tabletop salt and pepper shaker and oil and vinegar bottle set intended for home and catering facilities.
  • The shakers and bottles are made from stainless steel and glass.
  • The stand is made from plastic and stainless steel.
  • Always wash the plastic parts by hand.
  • To refill or to use, open or close by turning the stainless steel cap or silicone ring.
  • Fill no higher than 1 cm below the rim of the bottle.
  • Note: handle products made from glass with care and do not use when cracked.

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