Ransor Cat 8 10m 33ft Premium Ethernet Cable Black


Sale price8.000 BHD


  • Amazing Speed - Cat8 ethernet cable supports bandwidth up to 2000MHz and up to 40Gbps data transmitting speed, making it the fastest network cable standard available today. We also bundled with 30 cable clips and 2 cable straps for free.
  • Universal Compatibility - Cat8 network cabler is ideal for networking switch, routers, ADSL, adapters, hubs, modems, PS3, PS4, Xbox, patch panels, servers, laptops and more. And compatible with Cat7, Cat6, Cat6e, Cat5, Cat5e. Free maintenance for 2 years.
  • High-Quality Construction and Material  
  • Artistic and Durable Design 
  • Better Connector and Higher Standard 
  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
     0.03 kg


• High bandwidth 2000 MHz patch cord to support high data rates with low BER 

• The cable contains 4 individually aluminum-foil screened 24AWG solid twisted pairs, overall braid shielded and jacketed with FR-LSZH compound 

• Cable construction provides excellent EMI/RFI protection and alien crosstalk suppression

Patch Cable 


Cat.8 26AWG 7*0.16mm Bare Copper PVC Patch Cord 


Patch Cable Indoor Work-Area 


4 Twisted Pairs, 26 AWG 7*0.16mm Stranded Bare Copper 

Conductors Insulation 

Ø1.05mm Nom. Material: SFS PO 

Color Code 

Per TIA/EIA 568-B 

Twisted Pair Shield 

Aluminum/Polyester Foil, Aluminum face outwards, 100% 


Overall Shield 

AL braid, Coverage : 60% Nom. 

Outer Jacket 

Ø6.3mm Nom., PVC, Color: Customed 

Frequency Range 

Frequency Range: 1 - 2000 MHz 


Impedance: 100 Ω 

Coupling Attenuation 

Type I 

Max. DC Resistance 

140 Ω/km@20°C 

Max. Resistance Unbalance 


Capacitance Unbalance 

1.2 pF/m max. 

Velocity of Propagation 

75 % nom. 

Propagation Delay Skew 

20 ns/100m max. 

Dielectric Strength 

700 V/minute 

Dielectric Strength to Shield 

700 V/minute 

Min. Insulation Resistance 

5 GΩ/km 

Short Term Tensile Strength 

14 kgf max. 

Long Term Tensile Strength 

7 kgf max. 

Min. Bend Radius 

Min. Bend Radius: 60 mm 

Max. Pulling Tension 

15 kgf 

Operating Temperature 

Min. -40 °C, Max. +65 °C 



Housing & Boot 

PC Resin, UL 94V0 


Copper Alloy , Nickel plated 


Phosphor Bronze, 50µ” Hard Gold Plating Over Nickel 


Per IEC 60603-7 

Color Code 

Per TIA/EIA 568B 


750 Mating Cycles min. 

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