Royalford 21.5 Cm Stainless Steel Skimmer Silver & Black

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Royalford Skimmer spoon is made of food-grade stainless steel. The surface is forged and polished. It has the characteristics of sturdiness, durability, resistance to rust, health, and non-toxicity, and long service life. A slotted spoon can quickly drain the fried food to maintain the original taste of the food without leaving a greasy residue. It is seamless and non-porous, does not absorb fat, and avoids cross-contamination of food.Ideal for Frying! One of the best cooking utensils for frying foods such as fried chicken, churros, tempura, and donuts. The large gaps allow liquids to drain quickly, making it also ideal for fried vegetables, french fries, noodle soup, dumplings, tater tots, etc.

  • There are many uses for this multipurpose pasta strainer. Some use this pasta strainer to lift food out of the hot oil or pasta pot.
  • The long handle for pasta strainer allows to scoop deep into the pot. Whether making fried chicken using a wok with a lid, making french fries with a deep frying pot, or blanching vegetables in a cooking pot, this pasta strainer with a long handle is perfect to lift all sorts of food and drain cleanly from the excess liquid in the cookware.For those who like to make their own desserts at home, this pasta skimmer/strainer can also be used as a donut strainer!
  • After using the donut cutter to cut your donut dough to your preferred shape, it is time to fry your donuts! Cooking can be a battle, and this Royalford Skimmer is just the perfect cooking utensils partner you must get for your kitchen.

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SKU 105-RF9970
Brand Royalford
Display Color SILVER|BLACK
Country of Manufacture China

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