Krypton Rechargeable LED Flash Light Black


Sale price7.970 BHD


2In1 Rech Led F Light Combo/2Sc 1X20

Krypton rechargeable LED flashlight - Whether you're camping or taking a late-night walk, the reliable Krypton Rechargeable Flashlight is a good companion. Durable and easy to handle, it is an ideal handheld flashlight for use around the house or in an emergency. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities. It is small but powerful that can be easily carried. Utilizes a genuine high performance, high-efficiency CREE LED for high brightness. It produces a strong bright light, comes with a bright CREE LED Light for illumination for use in the night, or when you are camping in the summer or for any emergencies & gives a bright light. Portable handy design, rechargeable flashlight with a strong bright light that is perfect for outdoor and indoor activity Suit for the students, outdoor travel, home, study, and traveling. The high-performance 1500mAh battery gives you the highest possible capacity, efficiency, reliability, and safety.

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