Royalford 4Pcs Rotating Wooden Hanger Set

SKU: RFU9013

Sale price1.350 BHD


A right-sized hanger keeps your clothes in place and maintains its shape. If the size of a hanger smaller than the required, then the cloth will hang downward ruining the form. If the length is more than the shirt, it will stretch the fabric in the area of the sleeve.The length of this hanger fits nicely to the width of the clothes to be placed in the shoulders. The width of this cloth organizer is 40 cm. What is important is not only the span of the hangers with clothes hook but also their lateral width: the wider this feature, the more comfortable the clothes placed on it. These plastic coat hangers are a compromise between these two indicators and are perfect for your wardrobe.These clothes hangers can rotate 360 degrees. It allows you to rotate your clothes as you like. You can hang your blouse on the door, thanks to this feature of these coat hangers plastic.

  • Made From Natural Wood
  • 360° Rotation, Space Saving
  • 4 Pieces Set - The Package Contains 4 Hangers
  • Elegant Design
  • Non-Slip Design, Shoulder Notches, Strong Swivel Hook
More Information
SKU 105-RFU9013
Brand Royalford
Model Number RFU9013
Material Plastic
Display Color BEIGE
Barcode 6294016403007
Weight (kg) 0.43
Country of Manufacture China

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