Royalford 5L SS Mughal Dome Hot pot

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The Royalford 5L Full Dome Hot Pot is designed to maintain the temperature of hot and cold foods. The thick-walled insulation ensures that the food inside will maintain its thermal temperature for a period of time, so you can eat hot food without reheating your food so that healthy nutrients and flavours are retained. When you're done cooking your delicious meal, simply place leftover food in this insulated food container to keep the food warm. The same goes for cold food; When you've made a salad, kheer & more which you want it to stay cold but there is no space in the fridge, it will the best pot for it! It has a capacity of 5L, perfect for people who love to entertain guests. Durable material and this hot pot are made of food-grade, heat resistant material that will keep food fresh or hot for many hours. So potatoes and sauces stay warm for a long time and desserts stay refreshingly cool; Ideal if you are expecting a lot of guests or have changed the food a little. Ideal for chapattis, roti, rice dishes, hearty stews, delicious desserts and much more! Ideal for catering, storing meals in the morning and taking them to the office or serving ready meals right on the table or by storing excess groceries. Features Easy-to-clean food-safe materials: Inner insulation made of stainless steel and outer insulation made of plastic. Helps maintain the temperature (hot or cold) and nutritional value of foods for up to long hours. Twist-lock lid with a slim handle for a secure hold and easy handling. Attractive design with a glossy surface.

  • Premium quality material ensures long lasting durability
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy and secured storage
  • Contemporary design adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen

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